Maybe it’s because you too want to see more licensed acupuncturists working in hospitals, VA and managed care facilities.🏥 That’s a great reason, because as California’s leading and longest-running professional acupuncture association, CSOMA advocates vigorously for job expansion.

Why join? Maybe it’s the generous member discounts. It’s true – with all the savings you get on malpractice insurance, acupuncture and herbal supplies, services like billing & credentialing, and discounted CEUs – your dues do pay for themselves.

Why join? Maybe it’s hard to pick one good reason. After all, CSOMA membership gives you instant access to practice building tools, expert answers to your questions, practitioner-contributed tips & downloads, student resources, and to top it all off, a free print copy of CSOMA’s 30+ year, peer-reviewed publication, the Journal of Acupuncture and Integrative Medicine (JAIM).

Why join? Maybe it’s because we’re able to do all the above with your membership dues, while keeping those dues among the lowest in the integrative healthcare profession 🤔 Did we mention our talented and passionate board of directors? They are our consultants, organizers, problem-solvers, letter-writers, phone callers, meeting-makers and community-builders who help us move mountains – and they do it all, for FREE. What would we do without them?​

More importantly, what would we do without you?

We hope you’ll say yes! to becoming a CSOMA member. Join our vibrant community of students, professionals, organizations and supporters of acupuncture medicine. And if you still can’t come up with a good reason, we offer CSOMA’s past president Dr. Nell Smircina’s answer to the question of why join: “Why not?” ✨

PS: Want to get involved, too? Check out our committee work or drop us a note and share your ideas!

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