This webinar is scheduled for March 18, 2021 – 5pm PDT, 8pm EDT (2 hrs)

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This course will introduce you to the “Biosystem of Success©”, and the powerful components which, if addressed, embraced, and integrated into your business and life, will align who you are and your highest Purpose with your aspirations and dreams. Infused with sound business practices, planning, and proven techniques, the information includes the “Secrets Behind the Secret,” allowing you to remove obstacles and naturally attract what you desire.

Join us and…

  • Learn how to create personal and professional empowerment and growth.
  • Define and create a clear, powerful and inspiring path to lead a more fulfilling and inspiring life, and bring the techniques and wisdom into everything you do.
  • Leave with 6 steps to create a business plan that is based on dreams beyond your business.
  • Incorporate the all-encompassing “9 Environments of You,” and start to define the giant WHY of their lives’ Purpose.

About the speaker: Lynnea Hagen is a best-selling author, speaker, trainer, business and leadership coach, Higher Ground Leadership™ consultant, radio host, and success strategist. In 25+ years of coaching and consulting, she has helped build productivity, profits and people for hundreds of entrepreneurs, leaders and teams. Her approach is holistic, strategic, practical, and inspiring.

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Continuing EducationWebinar: The Biosystem of Success: Purpose, Inspiration and Practical Steps to Prosperity and Inspiring Leadership