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This webinar is scheduled for November 18, 2021 – 10am PDT, 1pm EDT (2 hrs)

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As a TCM practitioner, you are uniquely positioned to launch your own line of wellness products into the market. Whether yours is an internal supplement (herbal medicine, amino acids, vitamins, CBD), a topical (dit da jow, skin products), a delicious new superfood (instant morning beverage) – or any of the above, this course will help you get started without breaking the bank!

Topics will include: sourcing, marketing, ecommerce & more.

Join us and…

  • Learn if private label is right for you.
  • Understand dietary supplement labeling & compliance.
  • Develop your own brand story that inspires others.

About the speaker: Kim Neumann is the founder of All Natural Agency, a B2B marketing consultancy for healthy brands. Before pursuing her MSTCM, Kim held corporate positions in marketing, publishing, PR, web design and video production. She draws on her skillset to serve the health & wellness industry.

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Continuing EducationWebinar: Private Label: Launching Your Own Wellness Brand