This webinar is scheduled for May 13, 2021 – 5pm PDT, 8pm EDT (2 hrs)

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In California, legislation was passed in 2016 to require all small businesses with 5 or more employees to offer a retirement plan by June 30th 2022. The mandate is rolled out over a 3 year period starting with employers of 100+ employees to offer a plan as of September 30th, 2020. The state provided plan is called “Calsavers”. While this state plan costs the employer nothing, the funds within the plan bear a cost and the administration of the state plan comes with significant administrative effort. This seminar will review the Calsavers deadlines and how employee count is calculated, a description of the plan, pro’s and con’s, then a comparison of the state plan to a traditional 401k plan with associated costs.

Join us and…

  • Learn about Calsavers Requirement
  • Understand need for company sponsored retirement plans in USA and pros/cons of California Mandated plan in comparison to a traditional 401k
  • Learn about using a 401k as a tax shelter, even as an officer-only LLC or S-corp

About the speaker: Dan Enriquez has a Bachelors of Science in Business Administration from Bucknell University. He has 7 Years combined experience in payroll and employer administrative experience. Recent Experience includes 3 years in Company-Sponsored Retirement Benefit Industry, 401(k)’s.

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Continuing EducationWebinar: Calsavers: California Mandated Company Sponsored Retirement Plan