On Monday, February 26, 2018, the California Acupuncture Board faced its Joint Sunset Review Hearing by the Senate Committee on Business, Professions & Economic Development and the Assembly Committee on Business and Professions. The public event was held at the State Capitol in Sacramento.

CSOMA President Tiffany Tuftee gives public comment
CSOMA President Tiffany Tuftee gives public comment at the 2018 Sunset Review Hearing in Sacramento

CSOMA representatives Tiffany Tuftee, Mike Morgan and Ra Adcock attended the hearing, gave public comment and participated in meetings afterwards with acupuncture leaders from other state acupuncture associations, California schools, NCCAOM, and representatives from the practitioner community.

CSOMA Executive Director Ra Adcock gives public comment

CSOMA President Tiffany Tuftee gave public comments about CSOMA’s support of the California Acupuncture Board and why it is needed to help regulate the profession. She also discussed CSOMA’s support for utilizing the NCCAOM exam as a step towards state licensure.
CSOMA Executive Director Ra Adcock gave public comment about the acupuncture profession’s desire to provide affordable, effective healthcare and to be recognized as a solution to the opioid epidemic. She also asked the Committee to seek higher payment rates for Medi-Cal acupuncture treatments, and fair reimbursements from corporate insurance companies. Finally, she asked the Committee to empower the Acupuncture Board to seek disciplinary action from other boards that regulate practitioners who illegally practice acupuncture.
Public comment was also made on the following: for/against the adoption of the NCCAOM exam, in general support of the Acupuncture Board, and about the profession at national and international levels with consideration to veteran’s care, Medicaid/Medicare and the World Health Organization.

CSOMA representatives Ra Adcock, Tiffany Tuftee and Mike Morgan

Informal meetings that followed focused on the recent Acupuncture Stakeholders Meetings and the path towards creating a single, unified professional association for the entire state.
An overview of the Sunset Review Hearing is available here:

Learn more about the Sunset Review here.

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