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Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

Biomedical Supplies, Services & Info

Bibero Systems, Inc. Medical office supplies

BioHealth Diagnostics Lab services

Centre for Evidence Based Medicine (CEBM)

Dee Cee Laboratories, Inc.: Supplement manufacturer

Diagnos-Techs Inc.: Saliva testing laboratory:

Doctor’s Data, Inc.:

Express Scripts: Drug-drug interactions:,4109,,00.html

Food and Drug Administration safety information:

Genova Diagnostics:

Health Forms Systems: Medical forms:

Health Gear® Inc.: Gown manufacturer:

IDS/QIDS: A validated depression instrumen:t

ImmunoScience, Inc.: (CAM) laboratory:

Intracellular Diagnostics Inc.:

JTech Medical: Advanced computer interfaced ortho-neuro testing equipment:

Mail Back Sharps Disposal: Where to buy mail-back sharps containers:

Medico Professional: A linen service dedicated to the medical profession:

Metametrix Clinical Laboratory: (CAM) Laboratory:

Moore Medical:Medical supplies:

Mission Linen Supply:

Performance Attainment Associates: ONE testing equipment:

Professional Co-op Services: A co-op for lab services:

US BioTek Laboratories: (CAM) blood labs:

Vinco Inc.: A supplement producer:


Acupuncture Desk Reference: A small book with lots of TCM summary info:

Blue Poppy Enterprises, Inc.: Chinese Medicine publisher:

Eastland press: Publisher of CAM books:

Inner Traditions Bear Company: Book publisher for spiritual and healing traditions:

Jade Mountain: Publisher of Archetypal Acupuncture:

Monkey Press: Publisher of Chinese medical books:

Redwing Books: Distributor of CAM books:

Shang Han Lun: Complete English translation:

Spirit Path Press: Lonny Jarrett’s publishing and seminar company:

Thieme Medical Publishers: Big Germany based publisher that publishers many books on Acupuncture:

White Dove Publishing: The Acupuncture Answer Book:

Business – State & Federal Forms, Permits & Regulations  Official site of the U.S. Government that helps small businesses understand their legal requirements and locate government services:

State forms:

“Essential Government forms”:

Home based business:

Obtain Licenses & Permits:

Calbizcentral: Many products for remaining compliant with California and Federal labor laws: Business Permits and Licenses: Zoning Regulations:

California Acupuncture Board: Title 16, Article 7. Acupuncture Corporations:

California Corporations Code, Section 13400-13410: (source: )

IRS: tax forms:

Business – Planning, Growing & Support (see also: MarketingFinancing)

The Acupreneur: A website to help acupuncturists to be successful in practice:

Acupuncture Business School: A website dedicated to running an acupuncture business:

ADA Home Page: The government’s Americans with disabilities act website:

AlternativeHealthPractice.comBuild: A blog for building CAM practices: Online appointment booking:

Authors and Experts: A website that lists authors and experts for others to call:

BizStats: Statistics and financial ratios: A good resource for business planning, free sample business plans:

Build your dream practice: A business coach:

Bulletproof Business Plans: Business planning advice from a investment company:

Calbizcentral: Many products for remaining compliant with California and Federal labor laws:

California Business Portal:  This website provides a portal to a number of resources for starting, growing, financing, expanding or relocating a business in California:

Center for Business Planning: A good resource for business planning:

ChiroEco: Website for the free Chiropractic Economics Magazine having useful business information for acupuncturists:

CityRating: A site with minimal demographic information on many cities:


David Singer Enterprises: A business consulting company for Chiropractors and Acupuncturists:


Entrepreneur: The website for the magazine geared to small business owners :

Epodunk: Demographics website:

Fed Stats: Demographcs:

GeoLytics Demographics:

Go It Alone: Free business book—has good reviews:

Greenlight Office: Business supplies:

Health World Online: Referral service for finding a practitioner:

Inc: Website for business magazine :

Insights-for acupuncturists: Practice management info:

Lawyer Charles Witham: Business lawyer who works with acupuncturists and healthcare providers:

Microsoft Office Live:

Mimeo business solutions (brochures, manuals, newsletters):

My Own Business: Information about starting and running a business:

My Receptionist:

National Federation of Independent Business:

NIH Small Business Funding:

Paper Tiger filing system:

Patient Call appointment reminder service:

Physicians Practice: An online magazine for physicians:

Professional Practice Specialists, Inc: Appraisals and sales of acupuncture businesses:

Rejuvenate Training: Holistic practitioner coaching and consulting:

SCORE: Service Corps of Retired Executives:

Small Business Association (SBA):

SBA business plan tutorial:

Small Business Bookkeeping Services:

SBA Loans:

Startup Nation:

Survey Monkey:

3 Statements that can change the world: Mission, Vision, Values:

Ultimate Office supplies:

Voice receptionist:

Withers Mann LaManna Certified Public Accounts:

Zip Skinny: Shows demographic data for a particular zip code:

Chinese Language

Chinese Pod:

FSI Language Courses: Chinese language resources:

NJSTAR Resources:

Wenlin Software for Learning Chinese:

Continuing Education (see also Education)

California Acupuncture Board’s current CE approved list:

Please confirm that these courses provide CEUs for your state:

Academic Services International: “Acupuncture for Spiritual Insight” CEUs:

Acufinder’s list of Events & Classes:

Blue Poppy Enterprises, Inc.:

CEU Online:

Chinatown Wellness Center: Continuing education classes:

Continuing education: CEU courses for Acupuncturists and other medical professions:

East-West Seminars:

HealthCMI: CEU provider:

Integrated Medical Solutions:

Integrative and Sports Medicine Center:

Life Circles, Inc.: Distance CEUs:

Master Tung’s Magic Points:

Neonpinktiger: CEUs and networking:

Options for Wellness, Inc: Correspondence CEUs:

Peter H Fairfield L.Ac: CEUs in “Transformational Energetics”: A TCM community website with lots of TCM information and social features:

Shang Han Lun Seminars: Various aspects of the Shan Han Lun are explored:

Spirit Path Press: Lonny Jarrett’s publishing and seminar company:

Technical Learning College:

The Whole Circle:

Yellow Emperor:

Education (see also Continuing Education)

Many of these also offer Continuing Education classes.

Academy of Chinese Culture and Health Sciences:

Academy of Oriental Medicine at Austin:

Acupuncture and Integrative Medicine College:

Advanced BioStructural Correction: A program to help spinal problems:

Alternative Medicine Seminars:

American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine *

Arizona School of Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine:

Auriculotherapy: Seminars and certifications:

Ayurvedic Institute:

Bastyr University:

Center for Integrative Psychology:

Consortium of Academic Health Centers for Integrative Medicine: Formal academic group dealing with integrative medicine:

CranioBiotic Technique:

Dave Winton’s Center for Herbal Studies: conducts a 2 year herbal studies course:

Dong-guk Royal University of America:

Dr. Wei-Chieh Young’s Main Page: Conducts education on Master Tung’s acupuncture:

Five Branches Institute *

High Falls Gardens:

Integrative Healing Society: Educational tours to Asia:

International BodyTalk Association:

Intitute of Classical Five-Element Acupuncture Inc.:

Korean Hand Therapy:

Lerner Education:

Nambudripad’s allergy elimination techniques:

National College of Naturopathic Medicine:

NCCAM Training: The National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine training page:

New England School of Acupuncture:

New York College of Health Professions:

NMT: The Feinberg Technique:

Oregon College of Oriental Medicine:

Pacific College of Oriental Medicine *

Rocky Mountain Herb Institute:

Samra University of Oriental Medicine:

Seattle Institute of Oriental Medicine:

South Baylo University:

Southern California University of Health Sciences:

Southern California University School of OM & Acupuncture:

Southwest School of Botanical Medicine: A well respected school offering herbal education:

Tai Sophia Institute:

SIT Study Abroad:

The Ultimate Facial Rejuvenation Program:

University of East-West Medicine:

Yo San University :

Zheng Gu Tui Na:

Zhu’s Scalp Acupuncture:

Financing (see also: Business – Planning, Growing & Support)

21st Century Leasing: equipment financing:

Accion San Diego: small business loans:



CIT Small Business Lending: SBA (Small Business Association) lender:

Direct Capital Corporation: Loans and commercial leases:

Henry Schein:

Prosper (Money!):

Studebaker-Worthington Leasing Corp:

Virgin Money USA: Loans of all types:

Herbs – Suppliers & Info

1st Chinese Herbs:

ActiveHerb Wholesale: Chinese herb company:

Ageless Herbal Products and encyclopedia:

American Healing Technologies, Inc:

Anfala: Herbal manufacturer:

Annie Appleseed Project:

Ashi Research:

Bio Essence Corporation:

Blue Chinese Herbs:

Blue Dragon Chinese Herbs:

Brion Herbs:

Cap-M-Quick machines:

Capsule Connection:

Capsuline Capsule Machines:

Chinese Herb Cards:

Chinese Herb Company:

Chinese Herb Photos:

Chinese Herb Photos:

Chinese Herb Seed:

Chinese Medicine Herb Farm:

Crane Herb Company:

Dragon Herbs:

East Tao Corp: Chinese herbal manufacturer and distributor:

Eclectic Institute:

Eden Labs: Herb manufacturing equipment:

Elim-An-Ache: Pain relieving herbal spray made by PCOM alum:

Elixir Farm:

Emily Baby & Adult Skin Soother: A Chinese herbal crème for many skin conditions especially in babies

Evergreen Herbs & Medical Supplies *

Express Scripts: Drug-drug interactions:,4109,,00.html

FDA Dietary Supplement Labeling Guide:

Federal Register: June 25, 2007: FDA GMP rules:

Golden Flower Chinese Herbs:

Golden Lotus Botanicals: Chinese herbs and private labeling:

Golden Sunshine:

Guangdong Yifang Pharmaceutical Co.:

Health Concerns *

Henriette’s herbal homepage: Medicinal herb information

Herbalmax: Chinese herb products:

Herbmed: An excellent herbal databas:e

Herbs and Helpers:

High Falls Gardens: US Chinese herb farm:

Honso USA:

Horizon Herbs:

Kamwo Herbal Pharmacy:

Kan Herb Company *

KW Botanicals: Herb formulas combining western and Chinese herbs:

Legendary Herbs: Herb company:

LifeCycle Herbal Products:

Life Rising: distributor if herbal products:

Mayway, Inc.  *

Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center Herb Info:

Merry Clinic (Skin herbals):

Mountain Rose Herbs: Organic herbs and spices, teas, essential oils, etc.:

Natlink Lifestyle: Herbs, granules, and other TCM products:

Nefeli: Herbs and herbal cosmetics:

Nuherbs co.:

Nutritional and Herbal Solutions:

One Garden:

Pacific Biologic:

People’s Herbs:

Plant It Herbs:

Po Chai Pills:

Po Sum On:

Prince of Peace Enterprises:

Richters herb Specialists:

Rosenthal Center Botanical Medicine Information Resources:

Schumacher’s Wisconsin Ginseng:

Spring Wind:

Sun Ten Laboratories:

Standard Process *

TCM Formula Finder: Online TCM herbal formula database

Treasure of the East:

VitaSpring Health:

Wise Woman Herbals:


General information:

Fact sheet:

Insurance – Billing Products & Services

Acu-Care: A company that helps set up acupuncturists to bill within managed care:

Acuclaims: An insurance biller who specializes in acupuncture:

California Professional Insurance Services:

Consumer Directed Health Care:

H.J. Ross Company: Insurance billing educators:

Little guy software: CMS 1500 form filler:

National Plan and Provider Enumeration System:

Office Ally: Free online insurance billing:

Insurance – Coding

AMA CPT Schedule: the American Medical Association’s CPT page:

CDC Classifications of Disease: ICD (International Classification of Diseases) resource:

Flash Code (Online ICD-9): ICD-9 database:

Mays Systems: ICD-9 database:

Insurance – Malpractice, General Liability & Property

American Acupuncture Council *

American Health Source: Sells many types of insurance including malpractice, health, and disability:

Eastern Special Risk :

Healthcare Providers Service Organization : Liability and malpractice insurance:

Medical Insurance Exchange of California (MIEC) *

OUM Healthcare: Acupuncturist malpractice company:

Scott Danahy Naylon Insurance Brokers:

 Schlitt Services: Full line insurance including business and malpractice:

The Wood Insurance Group:

Insurance – Third-party, HMOs, Medi-Cal, Workers Comp

Acu-Care *

American Specialty Health (ASH): Third-party medical benefits provider:

California Workers Comp, Medical Provider:

California Workers Comp fee schedule (do a “search” for the codes in Acrobat.)

Medi-Cal: Medi-Cal exclusions and reductions :

Journals, Research & Publications

Acupuncture in Medicine Journal:

Acupuncture Today:

Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine:A peer reviewed journal:

Chinese Medicine Journal:

Chinese Medicine Times:

Journal of Chinese Medicine:

The Lantern: a Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine:


National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine:

NIH Consensus Development Program (NIH Consensus Statement):

NIH Office of Dietary Supplements:

Pharmacognosy Journal: An online journal dedicated to pharmacognosy:

PubMed Central: The US National Institutes of Health free journal database:

QI: The Journal of Traditional Eastern Health & Fitness:

Society for Acupuncture Research: An organization dedicated to researching acupuncture:

Laws & Regs

California Acupuncture Board:

CamLaw: Complementary & Alternative Medicine law blog:

State Laws:

State Licensure information:

Legal Services

Charles Witham: Business lawyer who works with acupuncturists and healthcare providers:

Shawn Steel & Associates: A leading personal injury (PI) attorney helps chiropractors and acupuncturists:

Marketing (see also: Business – Planning, Growing & Support)

99 designs: Logo design bidding service:

Acupuncture MediaWorks:

Acupuncture website design:

Alternative Health Marketing:

AOL Advertising:

Constant Contact: A well known email marketing and online survey website:

ContextWeb (Web advertising):

Fast Pitch Networking:

Greener Printer: eco-friendly printer:

iContact: An email marketing service:

Logotournament: A website that posts graphics jobs and gets multiple solicitations, a great resource for graphics professionals:

MelissaData: Mailing lists:

Modern postcard:

SendOutCards: An easy and quick way to send personalized cards (use for thank yous, birthday greetings, etc.):


Best Book Deal:

Best Deal Magazines:

Cafepress: T-shirts, mugs, and other with an acupuncture theme:

Cartoon Stock (Acupuncture Cartoons):

The Cartoonist Group:

Chinese Astrology:

DealTaker: A bargain hunting website:

Herbal Accents: supplier of soap making supplies:

iStockphoto: Where to find photos of any sort:

Off the mark online store (Acupuncture cartoons):

Steal Deals:

Steven Foster Group Inc., Herb and Plant Photography:

Yi Jing, the Book of Changes: An online Yi Ching resource that includes an electronic oracle:

Organizations – General

Accreditation Commission for AOM:

Acupuncture and Integrated Medicine Specialists:


American Association of Integrative Medicine:

American Association of OM:

American Board of Oriental Reproductive Medicine (ABORM): A specialty board for reproductive medicine:

American Herbalists Guild: Organizations for herbalists:

American Medical Association:

AOM Alliance (in Chinese):

AOM National Coalition:

American Academy of Medical Acupuncture:

Association for Professional Acupuncture in Pennsylvania:

Auriculotherapy Certification Institute:

British Medical Acupuncture Society:

California Acupuncture Board:

Chinese Herb Academy:

Community Acupuncture Network:

Council of Acupuncture & OM Assoc.:

Council of Colleges of AOM:

Herb Research Foundation:

Institute for Traditional Medicine:

Integrated Medical Solutions: Training for and by the National Board of Internal Medicine for Acupuncturists:

International Association For the Study of TAM:

International Institute of Holistic Medicine: An organization promoting the integration of biomedicine with TCM: An organization for local growers of Chinese herbs:

National Acupuncture Detoxification Assoc:

National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and OM:

North American Association for Laser Therapy:

Scripps Center for Integrative Medicine:

Society for Acupuncture Research: An organization dedicated to researching acupuncture:

Society for Integrative Oncology:

TCM World Foundation:

Toyohari Home Page: International Toyohari Association (Japanese style acupuncture):

Traditional Chinese Medicine Association and Alumni:

Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture Health Information Organization:

Upledger Institute: Craniosacral and other therapies:

Organizations – State

Alaska: The Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine Association of Alaska:

Arizona Society of Oriental Medicine and Acupuncture:

California State Oriental Medical Association:

Colorado: Acupuncture Association of Colorado:

Florida State Oriental Medical Association:

Idaho Acupuncture Association:

Illinois Association of Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine:

Indiana Association of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine:

Maryland Acupuncture Society:

Michigan Association of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine:

New Hampshire Association of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine:

New Jersey Association of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine:

New Mexico: The Oriental Medicine Association of New Mexico:

New York: Acupuncture Society of New York:

North Carolina Association of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine:

Ohio Association of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine:

Oklahoma Acupuncture Association:

Oregon Acupuncture Association:

Pennsylvania: Association for Professional Acupuncture in Pennsylvania:

Rhode Island Society of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine:

Vermont Association of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine:

Virginia: Acupuncture Society of Virginia:

Washington Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine Association:


AcuBaby: Website for fertility acupuncture:

Acupuncture Bookstore:

Acupoint Codes, Names, Translations & Locations:

Bodies The Exhibition:

Calflora: A web site on native California plants including pictures :

The CAM Report : A blog about Complementary and Alternative Medicine:

Chinese Herb Academy:

Chinese Herb Cards:

Chinese Medicine Doc:

Chinese Medicine Sampler:

Comprehensive Services of TCM:

CranioBiotic Technique:

Current Bibliographies in Acupuncture:

Dictionary of Chinese Herbs:

Doc Misha’s Chicken Soup Chinese Medicine:


Essential Guide to Acupuncture in Pregnancy and Childbirth:

Evidence-based CAM:

Express Scripts: Drug-drug interactions:,4109,,00.html


Global Smile: Traditional Chinese Medicine Knowledge Base:

HDP9: A TCM perspective on marijuana:

Healthy Child:

High-Tech Acupuncture:

Integrativepharm: Dr. Greg Sperber’s drug-herb interaction website:

Medboo TCM Training:

Medical Acupuncture Facts: A website explaining the difference between medical acupuncturists and acupuncturists:

NCCAM Use of CAM in the US: Excellent resource on numbers and demographics of integrative medicine usage:

Pacific College of Oriental Medicine Library Page: A fantastic source of research for the profession:

Points of 14 Channels: Graphical web resource of points in both Chinese and English:

Sacred Lotus Arts Traditional Chinese Medicine:

Shang-han Lun:

Shen Nong:

Skin Health Info: A blog about Chinese medical dermatology:

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy: Chinese ethics:

TCM Central:

TCM Info:

TCM Student:

TCM Tests:

Townsend Letter: “The Examiner of Alternative Medicine”:

US FDA/CSFAN – Dietary Supplement Labeling Guide:

Yahoo email lists:

Yin Yang House:


Center for Inquiry:

The Committee forSkeptical Inquiry:

National Council Against Health Fraud:

Quackwatch: Website for skeptics of all sorts:

          Acupuncture specific:

Suppliers – General (see also Suppliers – OMTechnology – OM)


Boiance (face cradles):

Capsugel supplement formulator:

The Chemistry Store:

Chi Evolution (Salt lamps):



E. D. Luce Packaging:

Emerson Ecologics:

Enhanced Living: Ionic footbaths and other products:

Enzymes, Inc.:

Feng Shui Emporium:

L.A. Lighter:

Loomis Institute: Plant enzyme therapy:

Lotus Bodycare:

Mingzhou Oriental Imports:

Natren probiotics:

O. Berk Company: A bottle company:

Pacific Biologic: CAM therapies:

Serenity Health:

Specialty Bottle:

Sunburst Bottle Company:

3Lac candida remedy:

Top Ten Wholesale: Search engine for wholesale suppliers:

U.S. Jaclean, Inc.: Massage tools:

US Plastic: Bottle company:

Vibrational Beauty:

Yankee Containers: Sells bottles:

Suppliers – OM (see also Suppliers – General;Technology – OM)

A & A Medical Supplies: Distributor of herbs and OM supplies:

ACP Medical Supplies Inc.:

Acu-International Supplies, Inc:



Bodywork Emporium:


EarthLite: Massage table manufacturer:

East Earth Trade Winds:

Go Acupuncture:


Golden Needle: TCM supplier:

Grand Stone Corporation: TCM supplier:

Helio Medical Supplies:

Institute for Traditional Medicine:

Japan Trend Shop: Scented moxa:

Jaspro Instruments, Safety Warmer:

Kenshin Trading Corp:

Kiiko Matsumoto Style of Acupuncture:

KM Supplies:

Lhasa OMS *

Mail Back Sharps Disposal: Where to buy mail back sharps containers

Massage Warehouse:

Medico Professional: A linen service dedicated to the medical profession

Meyer Distributing:

Miki Shima:

Mission Linen Supply:

Nefeli: Herbs and skin care products with a TCM spin

Pain-free Acupuncture:

Prime Herbs:

KM Supplies:

Seirin America *

Sinic Avenue:


The Supply Center:

Treasure fo the East:

Value Acupunture:

Vital-core Biosystem:

Yan Jing Supply:


Adagio Teas Wholesale:

Dragonwater Tea Company:

Generation Tea:

Imperial Tea Court:

Mark T. Wendell Tea Company:

Mighty Leaf Tea:

Monin Gourmet Flavorings: Flavored tea concentrates:

Rishi Tea:

Silk Road Teas:

Tao of Tea:


Tea Fountain:


Upton Tea Imports:

Technology – General (see also Technology – OM)

AirSet (organizational software):

Apple Computers:


Basecamp: Online project management:

Business Plan Software: Free and low cost business planning software:



Deal News:


Eclise: Advanced practice management software:

Elephantdrive: An online storage service:

FreeCRM: Free (or cheap) customer relationship management software:

FormLogix: Form building for websites:

iContact: Email newsletter publishing:


Isynergy: IT, Web, Consulting:

Jeffer Software:


LogoMaker: An online logo program:

Motion Computing:

Network Magic: Makes setting up a network easy:

PC Magazine:

PC World:


Reputation defender:

Tech Bargains:

Thinkfree (Online Office software):

37 Signals: A website with several organizational websites/software:

Veetro (Online business management software):


Zimbra (collaboration software):

Zoho Show(presentation software):


Technology – OM (see also Technology –  General)

A Chrono Acupuncture software:


AcuNotes: http://www.acunotescom

Acupartner Clinic Management software:



Avicenna Laser Centers of Excellence:


Electro Meridian Analysis System: An OM computerized system for assessing patient:

Electro Meridian Imaging: An OM computerized system for assessing patients:

Gingko Software:

Healing Light Seminars:

Herbs and Helpers:

iOpenAcu: iPhone acupuncture software

Little guy software: Inexpensive insurance oriented programs:

Medical Pocket PC:

Medical Quant USA (Lasers):

Medical TabletPC:

MicroStim Technologies Inc.:

Miridia Technology (AcuGraph II):

Powered Templates: Acupuncture PowerPoint templates:

Pulse Analysis System:

QiSource: Palm TCM software & study charts:


Safety Warmer:

ShenProfessional 2.0:

SofTCM: Chinese medical software:


TCM Formula Finder: Desktop software for herbal formulas:

TCM Organizer: Practice Management and Medical Record software:


Trigram Software:

Zhangmen Acupuncture:



Free Conference Call:

Freedom Voice Systems:

Linksys Networking:


Packet8: http://www.8×

Toll Free Live:

Used Phones:


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