Public Policy Advisory Committee Updates: September 2017

  1. The PPAC is now utilizing CapitolTrack to keep up to date of the most current legislation and Bills affecting our profession. The PPAC monitors these Bills on a weekly basis, and will update our membership accordingly.
  2. The PPAC has been discussing what steps to take in protecting the AOM scope of practice and potentially to expand our scope of practice. The PPAC is working on ways to educate our legislators so we can make these changes.
  3. The PPAC works closely with ASA representatives to gain insight on other state legislation and initiatives which affect the AOM profession. The Committee has been strategically working to develop position statements and action steps on the following:
    1. Adding cold laser to scope of practice
    2. Insurance reimbursement
    3. Asian Massage
    4. Dry Needling
    5. Student Loan forgiveness programs
  4. The PPAC has discussed avenues for fundraising opportunities to fund the AcuPAC as we would like to hire a lobbyist and take more active steps on these issues.

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CSOMA Committee UpdatesPublic Policy Advisory Committee Updates – September 2017