Community Announcements

Community Announcements

We are excited to welcome YINA as a NEW Merchant Member! 🎉

CSOMA members enjoy 15% off their first order with code CSOMA15.

“Founded by practitioners Dr. Ervina Wu and Angela Chau Gray, L.Ac., YINA is an award-winning clean beauty and wellness company inspired by Chinese medicine and 养生 – Yang Sheng rituals. Our mission is to improve your well-being through transformative products and education. YINA’s unique formulas are sustainably made with organic and potent high-grade TCM botanicals. Our multifaceted products cultivate optimal vitality to create a profound impact on your skin and wellbeing.”

We are delighted to announce Su Wen Herbs has joined CSOMA! 🎉

Founded by Giovanni Maciocia, his formulas bridge the rich heritage of Chinese herbal medicine and the practical realities of Western clinical practice:

  • The Three Treasures®: thoughtfully adapted to address patterns commonly seen in Western patients. These time-tested remedies resonate with modern clinical needs.
  • Women’s Treasure®: Giovanni added a special emphasis on addressing women’s unique health concerns, making these products invaluable for practitioners and their female patients.
  • Little Treasures®: Designed for children, these formulae tackle common childhood complaints providing gentle yet effective solutions for young patients, supporting their vitality

+ Drop shipping available!

We are thrilled to welcome Spring Wind Herbs as a NEW Merchant Member! 🎉

“Our purpose is to supply the Chinese herbal community with clean, high-quality Premium and Organic bulk herbs and herbal products that do not compromise on our standards and, most importantly, to provide transparency as we do so. This involves working with growers and manufacturers in Asia and the US to continuously improve the quality and purity of herbs and herbal products available to the practitioner community and to provide transparency in all aspects of our business. We plan to continually expand the selection of pesticide-free, organically grown, and certified organic herbs and herbal products we can offer to practitioners and their patients. Visit to learn more.”

Welcome NEW Members, and THANK YOU for supporting CSOMA! 🎉

Dr. Veronica Swords, Alicia Masiulis, Casey Schartner, George Samuel, Jennifer Drechsler, LAC, Dr. Heather Noemi, DACM, L.Ac, Dr. Caroline James, PhD, DACM, LAc, Jayne Chen, Daniel Martin, LAc, Stefanie Fletcher, Kevin Cates, na luo, Gaylian Hein, Dr. Gabby Pavelko, LAc, DACM, Emma Browning L.Ac. FABORM, Melanie Worthy, Bamboo Ilana, Dr. Rufus Fuller L.Ac DAOM, Erica W Chu, Cheyanne E. Cancino, Kristin Price. LAc., Dr. Kristina Yotive, Dr. Jeannie Dairo, Ke Cao, Lauren A. Sugarman, L.Ac., Margaret Zhou

And to our renewing CSOMA members, THANK YOU for your continued support!

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