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We offer many different membership types. See below for details and dues.


Professional Membership: LAc and Faculty LAc

Professional Membership is available to practitioners who are currently licensed to practice acupuncture by the California Acupuncture Board. ($14 to $32/month)

Student Membership

Student Membership is available to non-licensed acupuncturists who are enrolled, at least half-time, in a program that is at least one academic year’s duration and is approved by the California Acupuncture Board. ($35/yr)

Associate Membership: Organizations

Educational Institution Membership is available to any institution engaged in medical education. ($500/yr)
Merchant Membership is available to any firm or corporation engaged in selling products or services to members of CSOMA. ($500/yr)

Associate Membership: Individuals

Medical/Health Care Associate Membership is available to any licensed health care provider who is not currently licensed to practice acupuncture by the California Acupuncture Board. ($250/yr)

Out-of-State Membership is available to any practitioner who is licensed to practice acupuncture who practices and resides outside of California. ($150/yr)

Public Membership is available to any employee of a firm, corporation, or institution that qualifies for Educational Institution or Merchant membership. ($75/yr)

Retired/Inactive Membership is available to practitioners who no longer earn income as a practitioner of any activity for which a license to practice acupuncture is required. ($50/yr)