News Releases

CSOMA takes a proactive approach toward a wide range of complex issues facing the acupuncture profession.

We formally release the following types of communication to our membership, and to the public at large:

Position Statements

Position statements outline our reasons to support or oppose a particular viewpoint. CSOMA position statements may include recommendations for a course of action following initial evaluation. CSOMA revisits position statements to ensure CSOMA’s mission, principles and code of ethics are accurately reflected, especially when new information may be presented.

The process for developing position statements includes: gathering of pertinent information, consultation with affected parties, and legal services, when warranted.

Open Letters

Open are letters written in response to an issue affecting a wider group. CSOMA publishes open letters to maintain transparency and to open dialogue among the profession.

Opinion Papers

Opinion papers reflect the author’s opinion about a particular subject. They include supporting evidence, examples and viewpoints, as well as opposing viewpoints.

Public Statements

A public statement is a written or oral statement made on behalf of any CSOMA entity (i.e., board, committee, task force or work group) to another entity (i.e. California Acupuncture Board, Department of Public Health).

These communications can be found under the Advocacy & Legislation news category.

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News Releases