June 24, 2024: Governor Gavin Newsom has retracted the proposed budget cuts to the Medi-Cal acupuncture program for low-income Californians for the 2024-2025 budget year. This decision marks a significant victory for healthcare providers and advocates who have long championed acupuncture as a vital component of comprehensive medical care. Read the full press release.

June 20: Governor Newsom has not made a final decision on the fate of Medi-Cal acupuncture benefits. Please CONTINUE making your voice heard until a final decision is made. See our June 11th newsletter for instructions.

In May, CSOMA alerted the acupuncture community about the California State “Governor’s Proposed 2024-25 May Revision” cuts acupuncture as Medi-Cal Benefit, starting January 2025.

This cut would stop the existing acupuncture services for millions of much needed Medi-Cal beneficiaries, and negatively impact the acupuncture profession in California.

Several alerts – on May 22, May 27, May 31, and June 11 – were sent with instructions on how to advocate for these benefits.

Thank you, to all who helped advocate for the profession – and who continue to do so!

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When California implemented the Affordable Care Act in 2014, acupuncture was classified as an “Essential Health Benefit” which thus required private insurance and group policies to offer acupuncture benefits.

Removing acupuncture from state covered benefits in Medi-Cal goes directly against this policy, undermining low income access to acupuncture while otherwise mandating that private insurance holders have access.

This revision to Medi-Cal benefits is scheduled to be signed into law by Governor Newsom as early as mid-June.

CSOMA is working closely with other CA state associations under the unified umbrella of the “California Acupuncture Coalition – CAC” to address this urgent issue.

CSOMA’s Board of Directors, with the CAC, have contacted representatives from the following key committees: the Senate Standing Committee on Budget and Fiscal Review, the Subcommittee 3 on Health and Human Services, and the CA Assembly Committee on Budget.

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