February 27th marked the third meeting of California Acupuncture Stakeholders, orchestrated by Assemblymember Evan Low at the State Capitol in Sacramento.


February Stakeholder Meeting

This meeting was held the same day as the California Acupuncture Board Sunset Review Hearing.

Assemblymember Low continued discussion on the importance of unifying the acupuncture profession. He expanded further by providing a step-by-step guide on how our twenty-five acupuncture associations in California can form a single association, to advance and grow the profession.

What’s Next?

Leaders from each association have been asked to form a steering committee to develop the necessary building blocks toward the goal of forming one acupuncture association in California.

CSOMA is appreciative to Assemblymember Evan Low and his team for supporting the acupuncture profession, and for the time he has taken to unite us all. More to come on these efforts. Stay tuned!

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