CSOMA Committees

CSOMA Committees and advisory bodies meet regularly to create positive changes in AOM policy, strategic planning, continuing education and more.

Our committees include: Public Policy Advisory Committee, Publications Advisory Committee, Futures Advisory Committee and CE & Events Committee.

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Public Policy Advisory Committee 

Is public policy your passion? Do you understand how the legislative and regulatory process either strengthens or diminishes our profession, or would you like to learn more about it?

Become an AOM activist by getting involved in CSOMA’s Public Policy Advisory Committee!
Send your letter of interest to: advocacy@csomaonline.org

Public Policy Advisory Committee Responsibilities:

  • Oversee legislative and regulatory matters at state and federal levels
  • Follow actions of the California Acupuncture Board and represent CSOMA membership at quarterly meetings
  • Draft legislative and regulatory agendas to protect and enhance the AOM profession
  • Stay alert to other government affairs, healthcare issues, educational standards and broad-based public policies that affect California acupuncturists
  • Recommend disbursement of AcuPAC funds and candidate endorsements

Public Policy Advisory Committee Details:

  • Welcomes up to 7 people
  • Meets bi-weekly 
  • Chaired by Gabriela Pierre Partridge

Publications Advisory Committee

Do you love writing and editing and want to positively impact CSOMA’s scholarly contributions to the profession?

Send your letter of interest to: publications@csomaonline.org

Publications Committee Responsibilities:

  • Guides CJOM’s editorial policy and strategic direction
  • Ensures quality assurance of journal content
  • Selects editorial board members and editor-in-chief (as needed)
  • Reviews all published materials for compliance with CSOMA’s policies

Publications Committee Details:

  • Welcomes up to 7 people, including CJOM’s editor-in-chief
  • Meets monthly (or weekly prior to release of new CJOM issue)
  • Chaired by Jordan Wheeler

Futures Advisory Committee

What are the unique challenges California-licensed acupuncturists face? How can CSOMA help the AOM profession become even more relevant, vibrant and strong? If you are a visionary and activist who can see current and future trends in AOM, who enjoys strategic planning, who knows how to better support CSOMA’s members, and who can identify and engage industry leaders, we want you!

Send your letter of interest to: futures@csomaonline.org

Futures Committee Responsibilities:

  • Guide the board on strategic planning
  • Strengthen membership
  • Develop creative new programs and initiatives

Futures Committee Details:

  • Welcomes up to 7 people, including CSOMA’s Student Director
  • Meets biweekly
  • Chaired by Bruce Gustafson

CE & Events Committee

Do you enjoy planning meetings, classes, workshops or other events that support and nurture the AOM profession and the CSOMA membership?

Send your letter of interest to: events@csomaonline.org

CE & Events Committee Responsibilities:

  • Determine current and future educational needs of membership
  • Plan and help implement CSOMA-sponsored classes, webinars and events
  • Oversee annual conference
  • Advise on educational partnerships and co-sponsorships

CE & Events Committee Details:

  • Welcomes up to 7 people
  • Meets weekly on Friday mornings, 8:15-8:45 am via teleconference 
  • Chaired by Julie Tran
  • Vote on all matters submitted for a vote of the membership, including election of the Board of Directors;
  • Serve on the Board of Directors; and
  • Serve as Officers of the Board.

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