February 2nd and 4th marked a historical day for the acupuncture profession in California.

CSOMA President, Tiffany Tuftee and Board of Director Representative, Bruce Gustafson were in attendance to discuss unification of the profession. Assemblymember Evan Low and his colleagues helped organize the meeting to open the dialogue about why it is important to unite our profession in California. The takeaway message from our meeting:

To be heard on legislative initiatives that move our profession forward, we must have a clear and consistent message from the acupuncture profession as a whole.

Committee Updates – January 2018

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Futures Committee Updates

  • Announced 2018 student scholarship essay contest (2 @ $250)
  • Sent outreach letter to western medical associations to help educate other practitioners about acupuncture medicine and build collaboration between medical professions
  • Guided board on revision of CSOMA’s mission statement
  • Reach out to all schools and student councils leaders to build broader student membership and work together to create more student benefits
  • Arrange speaking events at CA acupuncture schools to share and discuss current public policy, the need to join professional associations, national agendas being addressed by the ASA, etc.

Public Policy Action Committee Updates

  • NCCAOM Exam Position Statement
  • Created an Insurance Task Force to address many issues
  • Weekly tracking of legislative policy through CapitalTracks program
  • Attend ASA annual meeting on March 16-18 in Denver, CO
  • Create a fundraising campaign to hire lobbyist and legal representation for the profession
  • Advise national association (ASA) on national policy for NADA-only practitioners (social workers, etc.)

​Continuing Education/Events Committee​ Updates

  • ​Online registration for attendees and vendors completed
  • Planning volunteer schedule… reaching out to students
  • Catering menu
  • Recording of event

​Publications Committee​ Updates

  • Design and write patient education pamphlets to provide to membership
  • Support the publishing of CSOMA’s medical journal​
  • Work with membership to find great blog posts for the website


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CSOMA Committee UpdatesCommittee Updates – January 2018